Self Adhesive Laminating Plastic
Self Adhesive Laminating Plastic  
Seal and Protect ID Cards, Licenses and More!  
Seal-a-Card Laminating Sheets
As Seen At Wal-Mart for 20 Years
USA coast to coast
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Seal A Card is a tough, self-adhesive, laminating plastic that is tear-proof, waterproof, and soil-proof.

Seal A Card is the perfect product for sealing and permanently protecting all kinds of items from ID cards, to newspaper and magazine clippings, to craft items, and more!

Our product is now available directly to our customers through this web site.

We also offer wholesale quantities to retailers along with display stands targeted towards impulse sales related to hunting and fishing sales.

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For Our Retail Customers...
A Golden Opportunity for Impulse Sales!

Seal A Card is a perfect sales opportunity for hardware stores, variety/discount stores, sporting goods stores, craft stores, bait and tackle shops, grocery stores, and any other place impulse sales opportunities are present!
  • Proven vigorous and effective sales display.
  • Easy for consumer use -- cold sealing and scissor trimming.
  • Price structure allows healthy, built-in profits.
  • Application ideal for other billfold items.
  • American made, quality product for consumer satisfaction.
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